Testing And Proctoring Center is an authorized Castle Worldwide Test Center located in Ashburn, VA


What to bring with you on assessment day:

  • Candidate must present proper photo identification with signature to the test center administrator on their arrival. Original documents are required, photocopies are not acceptable. The candidate name on the identification should match the candidate’s name exactly on the Castle's confirmation notice.)
  • Identifications may not be expired. Examples of acceptable identification are Driver’s license, Passport, Government-issued identification (Official State Identification Card, U.S. passport card), Military identification card.
  • Examples of unacceptable identification are Expired IDs from the list above, Gym membership card, Warehouse membership card, Identification with signature only, School identification card, Temporary or paper driver’s license, Social Security card, the Credit card with photo, Work identification or badge.
  • You will not be allowed to take any personal items/belongings with you into the testing room. Following is prohibitive list of items but is not exhaustive list by any means, that are not permitted in the testing room, cameras, cell phones, optical readers, or other electronic devices that include the ability to photograph, photocopy, or otherwise copy test materials, notes, books, dictionaries, or language dictionaries, book bags, purses, handbags,keys, or luggage,iPods, MP3 players, tablets, headphones, USB, or pagers, calculators (except as expressly permitted by the test sponsor), computers, PDAs, or other electronic devices with memory, personal writing utensils (i.e., pencils, pens, and highlighters), Google and smart glasses (any glasses with any electronics) watches, wallets, weapons, food and beverage, hats, hoods, or other headgear, coats, and jackets. You can leave them in your vehicle before coming to the office or we have keyed lockers available for your convenience.Pockets must be empty. Sweaters and sweatshirts without pockets or hoods are permitted to be worn. In short, you should only have 2 valid id's on you. If the test taker is caught with these items, they will be confiscated and exam terminated and test taker will be reported to the exam vendor/sponsor.

Scheduling and Rescheduling

You will need to follow the specific requirement for the exam you are taking. You can find the requirements at Castle Worldwide's Take a Test web page. Castle will set up your appointment and send you a confirmation.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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